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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute goodand in hd, this is on your side.gton >> and massive storm and the is left over from it. the latest fallout from the flooding. did morning. it is thursday september 8. >> no. we begin with your traffic and minutes.very 10 we will check in with lisa in a moment. first, we get on storm watch. warning has been much of the d.c. area. good morning. >> good morning. it has been a pretty wet night. i want to show you the latest maps. 'rents
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several inches. three m five for falling. until 5 or 515, we are going to get a little bit of law and the action. a little rain is a building. the flash flood build spirit showers and storms. do look for another typical morning commute. >> a jackknifed trailer. only one trailer is getting through. they're heading toward the mormon temple. awayeadlights are going from the accident. is heading away from us.
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it is not to get a picture. this is the beltway air river road. this looks pretty different. if you normally drive an area know it is prone to flooding, this morning would be .o exception picture i want to get to our top story. abc 7 has confirmed down trees falling a tornado warning causing significant damage in charles county. this is damage you only find on abc 7. >> mother nature. is what i am saying. >> this means trouble for anyone trying to navigate low-lying areas. >> there's been a whole lot of rain. >> it lived up to its title.
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it resembles a fast-moving river. that is terrible. he hopes the water stays put. >> is just and flooding. out a handful of sand bags. >> a couple thousand bags were available to help residents cope with a common problem, basement flooding. gear for did many came here to help. >> that is why we are here. >> with all the rain, the have wonder what the rivers and the creeks and the roads will be handle this. abc 7 news. by floodingmost of
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been howard county. businesses are flooded. taking the get this. is looking more like a river than a street. yesterday more than a dozen to be rescued after stranded in their car. >> it was a wall of water. i realize i would not make it of the hill. almost instantly behind me was a pool of water under the bridge. was rising up. >> more than 30 roads have been shut down. it is massive property damage. they ended up was 6 feet of the basement. >> people and baltimore are because ofg problems relentless rain. they spent quite a bit of flooding. drivers clashed several inches of rain. >> we sell more this dramatic
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video. as soon as of this is issues, the weatherk on brian will be back in a few of the to the details flooding. vote now to there were eight candidates. they squared off in california. >> there were some fireworks the two front runners. quite michael dukakis created than youe times faster did. george bush and his treated jobs at a rate than you did. >> that is not correct. >> to secure the words exchange night -- just a few of the war's exchange last night. jobs ineated more massachusetts. >> get the jobs.
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more thanrry received of hits. has a right to work state. supreme court. has a lot of oil and gas. he is doubly be treated those things. it to be like al gore saying he internet.he romney based heat of his own. to be repealed. neither one of these works. candidates of the of theirhe standouts way. >> kids needed jobs. like i'm a physician. >> in order for the republican we cannot run from science. >> there were a few zingers. >> michael dukakis treated jobs three times faster than you did.
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>> as a matter of fact, if jobs at ah created rate than you did. >> that is not correct. >> there is another famous conservative the received a lot of attention. ronald reagan was president and spirit. the eagerly saw to align .hemselves >> thank you. we're learning more details will be closed leading up to president obama's speech. off a 7:00 p.m.. some of the streets you .ant to avoid north of the capital parts of these areas. also north of the capital, part pennsylvania avenue. the address to e full congress tonight picture for 7:00
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analysis we invite you to watch. >> things seem to be changing. fewer sales associates. street turned his focus to jobs again. here is linda. in mostare indicating lower open. it is a rare joint session of congress. analysts say they are laying the further action of this month's meeting. john williams has been cited as there are a number of be taken. could only september
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retailers are gearing up for the season. they expect your sales able to go.o be fewerxpect to hire seasonal workers. about the postal service. froman have packages amazon delivered to 711 stores. i will explain it all coming up. is business news live at bloomberg headquarters. >> interesting. we went to stay to. thank you. 60 degrees outside. >> a scary moment at the national cathedral. a crane collapsed. >> it was very overwhelming. we have never experienced this before. hearing from local the first are among 9/11 victims at the
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pentagon. blacks have another
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check on traffic and weather. >> kind of an active morning out there. showers tapering off. yesterday started off fairly common.
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we-i have some major flooding issues. active warnings e a flash flood effect for st. mary's. a floode, there is warning. this runs until 10:30. the whole area is under a flood watch. there are more warnings as we evening. the this does show temperatures outside. this is good news. because much rain has fallen and last couple of days. five and 3/4. inundated with rain today. showers are becoming heavier. there may be a strong storm to near 80. we can see improvement by the weekend.
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temperatures climbing. deftly a tricky morning. >> it is good to talk to this morning. am an airhead. you know me personally. you will not take it personally. we have been under water in the traffic center. vehicle such in the water. we have a jackknifed trailer. claim is getting through. arlington police say a portion boulevard is now direction because standing water issue. stay tuned. i will have more roads that are
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affected. >> all rights. >> adobe chickee. it is 60 degrees outside. are some of the first contact withe in the pentagond at at 9/11. how these local doctors and now feeling. >> made an aspiring young man. now feeling. >> made an aspiring young man.
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it. victims of a shooting rampage at of theave are now out hospital. and mammoth an assault rifle opened fire. the gunmen killed himself. crews are making progress in the huge wildfire in taxes. unbelievable picture spirit it 30% contains. video shows how fast they're moving. the fire killed at the video people. >> an investigation is under way to the crane collapsed. was being used to make repairs when it came crashing down. missed the cathedral.
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church and the herb crashed four cars. thought it was thunder. it was louder. we were scared. but still ended mostly in the parking lot. is a rare occurrence. >> the crane operators suffered minor injuries. reopensupposed to series of events anniversary of 9/11. unclear if it will happen. month'spicenter of last rebuilding.s still recovery program is pledging to match the $1,000 of individuals' donations. it will help homeowners. rebuild a owner occupied dwellings. the 10th anniversary of 9/11 has specials give against for hospitala
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center. from the pentagon. on 9/11, dozens of victims were treated at that hospital. hospital employees relive those moments while watching a video to heroes and victims of the terror attacks. we will bring you an abc 7 10 years later. hear from those who lost loved ones and those responsible for saving those lives. so many of those memories are starting to come back. it is time for a check on pattern.nd weather >> the rain continues to come down. we had some really heavy stuff here over night. we do anticipate another day.
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some active warnings until 515. otherwise we have flood warnings for river ways. the areas in the darker green. it continues to begin. see this off and on throughout the day. temperatures will climb into the upper-70's. some are heavy. tomorrow we will see more of the same. repeat itself. look at the forecast. the weekend, i do see some sunshine. >> thank you. we will take it to the highways. we better where our water rings.
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we'remarlboro area hearing some deepwater. a jackknifed truck accidents. only one lane was getting by. we had closure in both directions. now we are hearing that one lane to leak through. stick a round. we will have more. >> sounds good. it is four-o'clock 52. -- for 50 2:00 a.m. knee people is local -- for 50 2:00 a.m. knee p[ female announcer ] can a health insurance company
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>> a high school students recognized this. the kids andgive emotional abuse. .hrough humor >> this is a moment he will where they get. >> my name as conner. cracks to see the smiles he can put on a sick child face. telling jokes to kids in the pediatric unit. >> i cannot go to school.
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>> a teenager who uses a joke books to make himself feel better. he takes his job seriously. >> i'm not a comedian. any of my friends will tell you that. something i can do to people in my own way. >> he started this when he was 8 old, donating extra joke books. he has received grants to find more books. they dropped off 11,000 of them hospitals in 19 states. as a result, his father's toyota more than 200 with a 5,000 miles on it. we tried to stop out of our way. >> little e-mails i get and the thank-you notes. it is very rewarding. >> he says he cannot make it to
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hospital but he hopes community minded teenagers program inate the their home cities to help spread help through humor. story. is a great it was nice to see him in the hospital bed of smiling. quite what a neat story. 69 degrees outside. serial, has the lasher
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